Looking for an interim CMO or head of marketing during a period of transition? B2B³ offers full-time, part-time and “rent-to-own” CMO services from our founding partners who have successfully led start-up, mid-stage/growth and large organizations during challenging transition periods. Our unique specialized B2B marketing leadership, matrix management, and “player-manager” experience includes these transition periods:

Hyper-growth: Drive required revenue growth to achieve venture capitol-based and other start-up milestone funding goal achievement and/or exit plan goal

Mid-stage Growth: Drive your company to continued growth and expansion as it matures beyond the early stage hyper-growth period

Spin-offs/New Divisions: Drive your new entity to grow as a start-up would without being encumbered by all the process, restrictions, etc. of the parent

Maturity: Reverse declining revenue in highly competitive and slow-growth markets


  • Asses your current marketing effectivness
  • Change management
  • Business forecasting
  • Budget setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Tactical execution
  • Identify and address any weakness
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