B2B³ regularly provide training programs for companies and organizations looking to standardize their marketing processes, switch from a "product" to a customer/prospect focus, and better align the marketing and sales functions.  

Below is an online iteration of an introductory course covering the basics of a Business to Business Black Box (B2B³) Marketing approach.  This and related content are also utilized in courses at NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business's M.S. in Integrated Marketing and M.S. in Management and Systems master's degree programs which address B2B, B2G, and Non-Profit marketing as well as just B2C or "Consumer" marketing concepts.  

NOTE: If you find these valuable, check out the other Learning and Thought Leadership content on the B2B3.org site as well as the Maturity Model tab (which introduces the Business-to-Business Marketing Maturity Model).




Part 1 Introduction


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Part 2 The Drill


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Part 3 Being In The Box


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Part 4 Black Box Marketing Principles


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Part 5 Building the Black Box Marketing Machine


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Part 6 The Hand-off


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